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Thank You

Thank you very much for your support of Accuracy in Media (AIM) through our ShopAIM.org  Store to help us continue our vital work to confront and challenge the irresponsible mainstream press. 

Your support helps AIM raise public awareness about the epidemic of media bias and how it threatens our very existence as freedom-loving citizens of this great country.

Thanks to your patronage, AIM leads the charge against the Left and counters its plans to suffocate our nation with the heavy hand of government oppression.   We counter false media reports with facts, publish in-depth investigative reports to expose the truth, produce award-winning documentaries, and confront America’s most powerful media companies at their shareholders’ meetings to call attention to public criticism of their biased news product.

AIM is the country’s first and foremost media watchdog organization that has been standing up to the Big Media for nearly 47 years.  Thank you for investing in our important efforts to publicize the arrogant misreporting by the mainstream press.  We are grateful for your friendship and support!  

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