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About Us

About Us

ShopAIM.org is a service of Accuracy in Media, America's original media watchdog. At AIM, we believe conservative views are too often ignored or belittled by the mainstream media. The AIM store is one of the ways we create a forum for conservative ideas.

We offer discounted conservative books, videos, bobble heads and various collectible items. We design many of our T-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons ourselves - which is why you will find T-shirts bearing the slogan, "I don't believe the liberal media!" We have a large selection of patriotic merchandise, because we believe in American values. We also offer several documentaries and books that AIM has created over the years, as well as compilations of articles our media experts have written.

At ShopAIM.org, we are committed to offering you the best prices possible. However, we will not sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars. We know you have many options when purchasing conservative and patriotic merchandise online, and we appreciate your business. We challenge you to shop around and try to find high-quality products at our low rates. We know you'll be back to our site soon.

Remember: Every purchase you make at ShopAIM.org benefits Accuracy in Media, the watchdog that has been hounding the liberal press since 1969.

Thanks for shopping at Accuracy In Media.


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